understanding of where it’s going and how to build a hard-to-copy strategy.

Staying ahead of a rapidly changing aquaculture industry requires an


Aquaculture Consultant Jamie Gaskill


Aquaculture Consultant Atlantic Salmon


Our decades of experience span all major fish farming methods covering the value chain from egg to harvest.


International Aquaculture Consulting Inc. is committed to exceeding your expectations. From Recirculating Aquaculture Systems, Sea-Farms and In-Sea Closed Systems to Production Planning and Optimization to Feed and Fish Performance, we work closely with you to help your business reach the next level of fish farm performance.

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“IAC brings to bear a rare combination of expertise in the science and business of aquaculture that enables him to create nuanced and actionable insights that are simply unattainable to most companies. Jamie is a fantastic investment.”

–Mathew Zimola, CEO, ReelData A.I.

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“At Barramundi Group we are tapping regularly into Jamie’s vast aquaculture experience and knowledge. Recently he has advised us on dimensioning criteria and equipment choices for a new saltwater nursery to be built in Australia as well as for an open ocean farm site in Brunei. He provides quick and comprehensive service, very helpful”.

Vincent Erenst, Chief Operating Officer Barramundi Group


Jamie knows what matters to the client and can filter and drill down into those items without being distracted by factors that aren’t relevant. He has C-level thinking combined with the ability and know-how to go deep into products and technologies. His years in the field bring practical knowledge and operational expertise as well as a unique ability to break down and explain complex topics“.

Joakim Sundby Johansen – Summa Equity

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“FSV Group has engaged Jamie Gaskill for different assignments. Jamie is a skilled professional who brings passion and experience to his work. He has extensive market insight in the aquaculture industry, international experience, diverse networks, and has very strong capabilities in strategy work and business planning. I strongly recommend Jamie for market insight and other problem-solving services.”

–Arild Aasmyr, CEO, FSV Group

“….we have found the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in International Aquaculture Consulting to be a huge asset when we have engaged the consultancy on challenging work scopes in aquaculture. The professional engagement, speed of response and quality of report and findings, have been invaluable. We will use their services again without hesitation and commend the same to others who are engaged in the dynamic world of aquaculture.”

— Stewart Graham, Founder and Managing Director Gael Force Group

“Working with Jamie has been an invaluable experience for our organization. Jamie’s global experience from production to management has delivered new insight into areas of focus for our business”

–Matt Clarke, P.Eng., Co-Founder- Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd.

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